Violet’s face just flashed a happy suddenly heard that a wisp of tone with a flirt sounded from behind him.
Mark in a suit and tie smiled behind Violet.
Just a huge palm from the sky and that moment
Nine sisters stayed, and the emergency mechanism was triggered instantly …
Violet instantly turned around.
One second!
Mark’s hands stretched out his mind, and they nest kept it and turned half way to Violet.
Violet directly turned into a streamer, which broke the walls of two or three floors and instantly broke the walls of the conference building. At that moment, the kinetic energy stopped …
"Damn it!" Violet struggled from several ruins, covered with rubble and falling like rain.
Not even a glance at the entrance, Ted.
Mark corners of the mouth slightly floating suspended in the whole body do fly knife separated two handle like a flash to ted.
"Ah …"
Ted felt a soft knee burst down and looked into his knee. Two flying knives let out a piercing scream.
"Teddy bear!"
Mark heard the roar from Violet’s mouth and went straight to the black line.
What the hell is a teddy bear?
When Violet roared and charged Mark again, Mark had an idea in his mind.
Which of these two goods is the egg?
"Give me to die!" Violet once again swung out his arms like a hill, and his hands clasped his fists directly, like Taishan coping, and fell toward Mark’s head.
"Is there?" Mark smiled gently.
I thought about it again and again and bombarded Violet, who once again smashed several walls and fell into the ruins
It is this time
Mark looked down at the ground, which was as cracked as a spider’s web.
Slightly one leng
One second
Mark looked directly at the front like a demolition scene and didn’t feel bad at all.
It’s not his property anyway.
Mark won’t blink even if the whole building collapses.
Just then!
Has climbed to the 29th floor, holding the gene suppressor, and Jack looks at the 29th floor, which has been littered with dirt.
And that big guy who fell heavily in front of him!
Mark shrank his eyes and looked at the big one, which swept away at Jack’s big hand. At the same time, the earth roared, "Hide …"
Jack looked at the big palm that was close at hand and quickly bent down to hide next to it.
One second!
Bang bang!