Although he didn’t see what happened on the starboard side, it was an alien submarine collision. If the ground crew hadn’t fixed the helicopter wheel in strict accordance with the regulations, the plane might have fallen into the sea!

The soldiers finally pushed the helicopter onto the deck by holding the plane in all hands and feet.
After such a long effort, it was finally time for the first crew to evacuate, but the first crew were not wounded or female soldiers, but more than 100 wonderful boys
It’s not that Yun Bo reneged on his word, but that he didn’t really know the water situation. After the helicopter left the ship, it still seemed that it was the first batch of evacuation, but the result was probably that it was shot down by aliens, so it was prudent to change it into more than 100 sailors.
It is true that the situation of the Eye Yuzhou is very bad, but it will not be dangerous to stay in the warship for a while, but when it comes to the day, it will be involuntary.
Because of the soldiers’ personal wishes, no one has paid attention to the highest efficiency, the highest speed and all military orders.
The helicopter finally started the engine paddle, and Harrison turned faster and faster, bringing a huge airflow. Like a storm sweeping the deck, the soldiers staggered and had to lean against the airflow to barely keep their balance.
Even with all this trouble, the soldiers still stick to their posts and don’t give the enemy a chance.
The plane left the deck and advanced along the deck while raising its altitude. The strong wind blew the starboard fire in rows.
When the helicopter leaving the flight deck has a slow speed, it draws an arc around the sea fire and flies directly to the equatorial base.
Everyone’s heart is in their throats, and they patrol the sea nervously for fear that another alien warship will emerge somewhere.
In order to prevent accidents, the helicopter deliberately lowered the flying height and all the doors were not evacuated. Soldiers wearing life jackets would jump into the sea to escape if things were wrong.
We must find a way to do it. If we still can’t safely withdraw to the base, everyone is resigned.
At this time, the helicopter from the equatorial base cut in from the tail of the Yuzhou and landed firmly on the deck, but the propeller did not stop but kept turning.
Although the first four planes were still flying on the surface of the water, they had to send a cloud blog to order more than 100 female soldiers and all the wounded to board the plane, and there was still a lot of room left-there were far more than four planes sent by the base, although the models were different and the number of crew members was different, it was still no problem to cram more than two hundred people at a time.
I don’t know whether it was because the alien submarines sank into the water or other reasons that two batches of helicopters successfully returned to the equatorial base and successfully withdrew more than 300 people.
When saving time, the plane landed directly in Xidan Port, but the plane failed to stop in the cabin. The soldiers jumped into the plane like dumplings, and it was almost time for the plane to land in the cabin on the ground.
So the plane pulled up again and flew back to the sea.
Before flying back to Yuzhou, I saw the battleship surrounded by giant shrimps again from a distance, and I don’t know whether it was the shock of the giant shrimps that recovered or the aliens released a batch of giant shrimps. All the giant shrimps without flame direction were piled up with layers of giant shrimps.
Deck soldiers have also been firing deep bomb launchers.
Human firepower is very fierce, but the giant shrimp does not fall in the wind. The water column will be hit by the water column at least three or five meters away.
A fall is nothing, but the impact of the water column is too strong, which is almost equivalent to being hit head-on by a truck. Except for the power armored special warfare players, others can’t stand the power of the water column. At one time, the deck was full of wounded people, and the medical staff of the ship ran around and tried their best to treat the wounded.
Despite their best efforts, the manpower is sometimes poor, and the seriously injured are either broken ribs or dirty. Several of them are broken bones and stabbed into the dirty. Even if the horse enters the operating room, it is unknown whether it can be saved. The wounded are struggling in pain, but the military doctors can do nothing to give priority to the more promising wounded.
Warrior blood is a hot battlefield, but it is always so cruel.
There are too many giant shrimps, and the water column is one after another. I don’t know how much seawater has crossed the ship’s rail and sprinkled on the deck.
The helicopter that has already flown to the vicinity of Yuzhou is a little panicked. If the plane gets caught like this, it will crash on the spot.
The longer the delay, the more dangerous the Yuzhou will be. At the critical moment, the No.3 plane was the first to rush to the sea of fire, and it just swept through the sea of fire and successfully landed the Yuzhou from the fierce burning flame.
Seeing this, the soldiers were shocked, and Yun Bo was no exception.
However, everyone was awakened by a gun, and the soldiers started to send the wounded to the plane together.
A plane can squeeze dozens, but the wounded can hold at most a dozen. It is known that it is inefficient to give priority to transporting the wounded, but it has to be done no matter how inefficient it is.
Planes landed one after another, and wounded people were sent to planes in batches, but until the last plane took off, there were still more than 20 lightly wounded people lying on the deck.
Yun Bo’s face is as heavy as water. "You can’t be so hard anymore. Order everyone to evacuate into the cabin!"
Xu Zhongxi almost had something wrong with his ears. "Captain?"
"The sooner you withdraw, the better!"
Xu Zhongxi’s whole person is not good. "It’s hard to get the deck back when it’s easy to give it away."
"Let’s go. This is an order." Yun Bo slowed his tone, but there was no doubt in his words.
Xu Zhongxi bit his teeth. "Yes!" He doesn’t know what Bai Yunbo really thinks, but he seems to have some ideas.
After receiving the order, the soldiers flooded back into the cabin. The more people evacuated, the weaker the deck firepower. The giant shrimp seemed to have beaten the chicken blood and piled up layer by layer.
The special team members took the initiative to pad the back, but the number of special teams was too small. A group of giant shrimps sprayed a special team member’s water column one after another and actually held down the special team so that the players could not move.
Good sailors are fast enough to see things. Fang Xiaoqiang ordered the special warfare players to leave the ship’s side and the last batch entered the cabin.
Chapter 1497 Another way
Without sailors, it’s even more reckless to stop giant shrimps. First, they flocked into the hangar and piled up giant shrimps. They climbed the deck and waved the huge shrimp claws and ran around the deck like a victorious general.
Hiding in the island of Yun Bo, a Nai couldn’t figure out what these prawn-like aquatic giants were so excited about, let alone what kind of orders the aliens gave them. Why did they all disperse the sheep after boarding the deck?
Xu Zhongxi looked at Yun Bo more naively for a long time. "Is this your plan?"
Yun Bo looked out the window and said nothing. Xu Zhongxi was even more indignant. "The helicopters are all back!"
Yun Bo sighed. "Call the Joan River and let them laser cover the deck."