After simply greeting Pei Wende, Mouse Er’s attitude towards the giant bear with human face is another 100-degree change.

"Ping Yun is your daughter but also my brother!"
"The demon king has never been a fixed-term Xian Mountain monster and never needed a so-called’ king’!"
Mouse 2′ s aggressive two heads shouted at each other one after another, which fully expressed its dissatisfaction with the giant bear with human face.
"You and the water demon can have their present position because the demons in the mountain respect you and are willing to listen to your orders."
"But if you want to support your children into the so-called’ demon king’, I will be the first to disagree!"
Chapter VI Monster World Ethics
Shi ye Shu wai mountain villa manor
As the sun mountain and the moon rise, the night gradually enveloped this strange manor in the mountain.
Not long after Mouse Er came here, more monsters came to Shuwai Mountain Villa one after another.
Although the number and scale are far less than the "Hundred Demons Banquet", it is the first time in so many years that so many monsters and giant bears have not taken the initiative to hold a banquet.
With one exception, these monsters have all heard about the water demon running away from home with two children.
But it’s Pei Wende now that all this has happened.
Because now he has lived in the villa outside Shu, Rao is interested in looking at the monsters coming and going outside.
This room was specially reserved by Pei Wende, a giant bear with a face.
Since Pei Wende successfully separated Bi Xing and Ping Ming, the giant bear in front of him motioned for Pei Wende to reserve a room permanently, and he was always welcome to stay here.
Although this room is not the master bedroom, it is also not the guest bedroom.
This is an independent small courtyard close to the main courtyard. The decoration and decoration are exactly the same as when Pei Wende left.
It’s said that apart from Ping Yun and Bi Xing, even it and the water demon have to ask the permission of two little guys to enter this small courtyard.
Pei Wende doesn’t know whether the two little guys regard this place as their base or simply want to miss themselves.
Anyway, after Pei Wende checked in, he found that the towering tree called "tree basking" by Ping Ming and Bi Xing had been transplanted here.
Just like the whole Shuwai Mountain Villa, that towering tree is also an elusive monster.
According to Pei Wende’s observation, this towering tree has lived for hundreds of years at least. When it is surrounded by a few people, it may not be able to hold it.
"Xiaoqing, do you think this big tree was originally in Changshanzhuang?"
With a curious attitude PeiWenDe turned to xiaoqing asked behind him.
Xiaoqing is humanoid posture lying in bed at this time, still carrying a bottle gourd from nowhere, looking slightly drunk and hazy.
To tell the truth, if it weren’t for the other party’s drunken nose, she would be quite enchanting now.
"I’m not that tree demon. How can I know this?"
Very lazy turned supercilious look Xiaoqing root don’t want to take a reason PeiWenDe this chat.
We agreed to return to Weishan as soon as possible, but when we arrived in Xiangzhou, we deliberately detoured to this Lushan.
Xiaoqing certainly knew that Pei Wende wanted to see her friends, but the previous attitude of the bear with a face made it difficult for her to have a good impression.
Rude, savage, straightforward …
These are all labels that Xiaoqing hates. I really don’t know how Pei Wende can stand these shortcomings of a giant bear with a face.
If Xiaoqing remember correctly, it took only a few days for these two people to get to know each other and leave each other.
Let’s say they have a simple conversation, right?
The enthusiasm and joy when they met before can’t be fake.
But when it comes to how deep is the friendship between the two?
Xiaoqing also feels unrealistic. Anyway, she doesn’t recognize how profound friendship can be generated in just a few days.
In the end, Xiaoqing can recognize that this world may really have friendship at first sight.
"In my opinion, this big tree is probably the first owner of this villa."
Pei Wende is used to Xiaoqing’s drunken state, and she doesn’t feel at ease at all.
"Aren’t you curious about who the original owner of this villa really is?"
"What ever happened to this villa before will become this haunted house?"
Xiaoqing knew each other’s old habits had been made again when she heard Pei Wende’s curious questions.
I want to find out the truth in every case and get to the bottom of everything …
This is the reason why Pei Wende had problems before he practiced, and why he can dig up a lot of things every time he exorcises demons.
If Pei Wende was not strong enough, this problem would not have died many times.
"Don’t forget that this villa is now that stupid bear’s house."
"Don’t you worry about affecting you if you get into any trouble again?"
I have to say Xiaoqing sank Pei Wende’s curiosity in one sentence.
Pei Wende is still very self-aware of his own disaster attribute.
Once you really delve into the origin of Shuwai Mountain Villa, it is likely to lead to some things that should be forgotten.
By then, I may be able to walk away, but others in the villa are not necessarily.
"Forget it, it is also a kind of practice to be able to restrain some unnecessary curiosity."
Thinking of this, Pei Wende stopped thinking about this big tree, Shuwai Villa, and turned his attention to those monsters who came and went.
Many of those monsters come with the same ideas as Mouse 2.
But there are also some who rush to show their loyalty because they agree with the idea of a giant bear with a face.
Seeing all kinds of monsters, Pei Wende realized that the "social" attribute of the original monster world had developed to this point.
That seemingly heartless and reckless bear is indeed the overlord of the monster world.
This hegemony not only shows the ability, but also shows the ambition of the giant bear.
Its present strength and status reveal a little that it is enough to inherit its present status, which has caused surging undercurrents.
Pei Wende doesn’t know how many monsters there are like Rat Two, but he knows that there will never be more monsters than running over to show loyalty.
"Monsters and humans are different after all …"
Seems to be saw PeiWenDe idea ZuiYan hazy xiaoqing lifted her eyelids slightly disdain said
"That stupid bear wants to change the title of" Lich King "into a position and make his heir a" Crown King "of Xian Mountain forever …"
I admire its ambition, but its ambition is unrealistic after all.
Tone paused a little Xiaoqing looked at seems to be the city PeiWende continued
"The world of monsters is the law of the jungle. Every monster is a genius who has evolved from several creatures."
"They may bow to that stupid bear for some reason, but that’s all."
"I’m sure that once that stupid bear dies, his heirs will inherit the title of the so-called’ demon king’, and the first rebellion will be those monsters who come to show their loyalty."