When Ji Tianci’s relatives and friends arrived in Vienna, it was already 3: 9 pm local time. When the plane arrived later, the international news was overwhelming, and the farce of the Japanese performance was broadcast.

The topic of the former Prime Minister’s paternity test has been hot enough. Now it is revealed that body double was assassinated after the Prime Minister called body double for the test. The whole incident is simply full of twists and turns. It is said that the current situation is under control. It is said that Koizumi Jinsan "again" made a personal test. The results show that Itokawa’s daughter is indeed his daughter. At this time, there is chaos, and people have surrounded the parliament building and the Supreme Court with white banners to boycott the Koizumi government.
However, the transcendental news reported the incident from another angle, saying that the Japanese emperor violated the transcendental law and facilitated transcendental intervention in civil affairs. The transcendental international organization is currently investigating the matter.
Relatively speaking, on the contrary, who assassinated "Junichiro Koizumi" is the hottest topic? The civilian police are investigating this matter, but it will not be fruitful for a while. The international joint extraordinary organization also intervened to see the death of Junichiro Koizumi and body double. All the extraordinary people were killed by a soul killer. Since body double is an extraordinary person with no status and status, the people can handle an ordinary extraordinary case despite its great influence, and body double first violated the extraordinary law.
When the sniper site was found, the investigators of the international extraordinary organization were all white. It must be that the Wachowski brothers and sisters shot 2,500 meters away, and the victim was shot with two bullets, one warhead and one chest. No one else in the world can do it except these two brothers and sisters.
The international transcendental organization did not pursue the Wachowski brothers and sisters because they are all mortals. The transcendental law stipulates that all mortals are "minors", and if they kill mortals, it will be beyond the control of the transcendental world. This is a transnational murder case, which is more complicated to handle.
Extraordinary hunters have been in a relatively safe position because of legal loopholes, and some extraordinary hunters secretly go after them for revenge.
At this time, the Wachowski brothers and sisters are on a luxury cruise ship, and both of them are holding a champagne in their hands.
"Ha, ha, Lisa, it was extraordinary that we killed her. I was always worried that I would really kill the Japanese Prime Minister." Ryan Wachowski’s cruise satellite TV laughed after seeing the international news.
"Yes, if my brother really killed the mortal prime minister, I’m afraid we’ll have to hide for a while."
"Here comes four million dollars. Cheers!"
The farce of Japan will continue for some time, but it is clear to both the media and politicians that the Koizumi government is finished and a new situation will appear in the Japanese political situation
In the past two days, politicians have been very busy, and the wild party members are very active. They all want to find a good position in the new political situation in the future. Mayi Kangcheng is very popular, and the media is very enthusiastic about him. Many politicians’ families have also expressed their support for Mayi Kangcheng, and Mayi Jia has always been a popular family in the hearts of the people. They not only produce entertainment products, but also have this lovely girl in the future.
On the third day of Ji Tianci’s arrival in Vienna, the lottery ceremony started again in nine divisions, and the lottery was much simpler. One person in each division decided the semi-finals in the first round and four games in the second round, and the top two players in the group won’t continue to play because the top two players in the group will qualify, except for one in Australia, which needs to play the group finals. Of course, there are three qualifying places in Asia-Pacific and North America, and both of them need to play the third round.
When it was time to draw lots, Mai Yi’s heart was tense again. She was afraid that she and Ji Tianci would be drawn in the first round, and then they would be eliminated. However, she didn’t know that it was the other six people in the Asia-Pacific Division who prayed not to be drawn with Mai Yi’s future.
The lottery method is very simple. Everyone grabs a white ball in a black box. The balls are exactly the same, but after it is broken open, there are four kinds of balls inside. Two players of the same color are drawn in the same group, and then the winner of the red and yellow groups decides one person to qualify. The winners of the blue and green groups are the same.
The lottery ceremony was held in the garden of Sch? nbrunn Palace. A wide green field was surrounded by extraordinary people from all over the world, but most people turned their attention to the individual body of the Asia-Pacific Division, or rather to the future body of Ma Yi.
Two old American men in big underpants bowed their heads and whispered.
"Look, that Japanese girl is S-class extraordinary."
"oh! My goodness! I can’t believe it! This is too young. "
"Not only that, her people are also a big star. Asia is more popular than Justin Bieber, and my grandchildren have bought her records."
"You said her name was linen? It won’t happen to the Mai family in Japan, will it? I read in the news that Mai Kangcheng is likely to become the future prime minister. "
"Don’t you know? Mayi Kangcheng is Mayi’s future uncle. Now I’m afraid no one can stop Mayi’s family from rising. It is said that our American side has already negotiated with Mayi’s family. "
"Well … do you think the Japanese unrest will be the driving force behind their home?"
"I don’t know, but it’s very likely."
Ji Tianci linen will take out the white ball linen from the black box in the future and stare at Ji Tianci in the future to see what color his ball is first.
Ji Tianci’s so-called smile gently pinched the white shell and broke it to reveal a small blue ball.
Ma Yi is very nervous in the future, and the white ball in his hand has not been pinched for fear of seeing a small blue ball.
After a while, her palms were sweating, and the white shell slowly cracked to reveal the ball inside, but she turned her head and closed her eyes and took the ball far away for fear of seeing the color of the ball.
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Tournament field
"Hehe, in the future, your ball will be green and we will be in different groups." Ji Tianci looked at the future appearance of Ma Yi and felt funny.
Hemp clothes hurriedly opened his eyes in the future "! It’s a green ball. Great! "
"Well, if we both win in the first round, we will meet in the second round."
Ma Yi will dig his little head in the future "Hey! So if I abandon Tianjun in the second round, won’t I be promoted directly? There is no problem for me to compete for the third place again. "
"well! It is reasonable to say that you have a higher probability of winning the third place than me. One of the strong players in the Asia-Pacific region should be your opponent. "Ji Tianci also accepted the future discussion of Ma Yi without being polite.
"A godsend! You have to refuel! Win a game and you will advance to the top 32. "
At this time, a Han Guoqiang player looked at the green ball in his hand with a sad face.
Ji Tianci looked around and found that the same nine-year-old man was holding a blue ball. This is a middle-aged man with flowing long hair named Meng Shen from Maoshan.
In the Asia-Pacific Division, Ji Tianci has three people from Jiuyou and the other two are from Maoshan College.
Meng Shen smiled at Ji Tianci and Ji Tianci nodded in return.
Nowadays Ji Tianci’s name Maoshan is often mentioned, especially after Chen Chang returns to Maoshan.
Zhang Fanchong off-court with Yin Yuan, they also shouted at Ji Tianci and Meng Shen with a wry smile. For Maoshan, the last thing they want to see is that two Maoshan people are divided into the same group, that is, they are divided into the same group with Ma Yi in the future, and the same group with Ji Tianci is also like "one of their own", but the probability of the most ideal grouping situation is also one. At present, this situation is not bad.
In the evening, Ji Tianci and his party, Mao Shan and his party, ate linen together and mixed in the future. According to the schedule of the competition, the first round of the competition will be held the next day, and the Asia-Pacific Division will be finished after the Western European Division.
At the dinner table, a group of people chatted happily. After Chen Chang returned to Maoshan, he praised Ji Tianci. Yin Yuan Meng Shen also kept Ji Tianci drinking and laughing, saying that he had drunk Ji Tianci. He won if he couldn’t wake up, but Meng Shen was drunk first …
Xiaoming is also at the dinner table. He seems to be out of the haze before, and he is in a good mood, drinking wine and drinking until he lies at the bottom of the table.
On the second day, all the players and spectators rushed to the tournament venue. The square venue of Sch? nbrunn Palace was three kilometers in diameter, surrounded by circles and stands, and the height was 300 meters.
The whole arena is a huge ring, which covers an area of 1,000 hectares, while the national stadiums of various countries cover an area of less than 100 hectares.
The ring wall is also carved with patterns representing the extraordinary organizations, including a sword and shield representing the nine secluded places, a thunder symbol representing the temples, and a pair of bat wings representing the Dark Council.
To the west of the ring stands a huge cross, which represents that the organizer is a holy religion. The cross is more holy when the sun shines in the morning.
There was a fog in the garden of Sch? nbrunn Palace today, and Ji Tianci and his party walked through the fog according to a fixed route and finally came to the foot of this magnificent competition venue.
A huge stone pillar goes into the ground to hold up the whole tournament field, but compared with the whole tournament field, this stone pillar is like a thin needle, and the whole structure feels like a thumbtack.
The area of the arena is much larger than that of the Sch? nbrunn Palace. It is reasonable to say that the Schonbrunn Palace should be covered by an umbrella, and the sun should also shine directly on the ground. There should be a large shadow, but the whole arena is invisible. The holy people are best at making the light power shine, and the light around the arena is distorted and deflected, just like a layer of refraction mirror is attached to the outer wall of the arena.
The huge "weighing column" is shrouded in fog. It is said that it is the master of the Nine Deep Array. If you don’t follow a fixed route, you won’t see this stone column.
Stone pillars are not only "load-bearing columns" but also "ladders" leading to the stands. There are elegant wooden chairs around the stone pillars. There will be vines growing from the wooden chairs to bind the mortals like safety belts, and then the wooden chairs will always send the audience to the stands.
This kind of "magic chair" is designed by the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Europe, which is one of the three extraordinary colleges in the world. The Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Europe likes to study these magic objects, such as the flying broom, which is also very famous in fairy tales. The American Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry is simple and rude, and it likes to study the spells of mass destruction, while Jiuyou Maoshan is a "comprehensive university".
Lu Manwen’s magic seat is like riding a roller coaster. The feeling of going straight to the sky makes her kidney hormone soar and scream.
Extraordinary can fly directly to the arena, but there are many extraordinary choices to ascend in this magic chair.
Ji Tianci didn’t take the magic seat or fly directly. The contestants need to enter the runner’s passage from Shizhu Department to the recording point.
A small door opened on one side of the stone pillar, and two ladies of etiquette like angels greeted each contestant at the door.
Ji Tianci flashed the entry card and walked into the stone pillar, where a few golden "holy lights" with a diameter of one meter fell to the ground.
Ji Tianci walked into a beam of light and felt better than comfortable. Suddenly, the beam of light was full. Ji Tianci had a feeling of "going back in time" and it seemed that the light around him was reversed and shot in the direction.
I was surprised that the light disappeared again and I appeared in a spacious room. There were light beams flashing around, and every time the light disappeared, a contestant would be shown.
After Ji Tianci reported for duty, the workers took him to a separate lounge, and the outside door of the lounge said that his name was decorated in luxurious European style. The contestants did not stay in the lounge, but they had to rest and wait at the beginning of the previous competition.
It was not until the end of the competition in Western Europe that it was Ji Tianci’s turn to go to the Asia-Pacific Division, so he was ready to go to Taiwan to watch the competition with his relatives and friends. There was no pressure for him to win a game and then he could go straight out and lose, which is also called losing to Maoshan Daoyou anyway.