After several jumps, Gaohe simply stopped recording these, carefully maintained the armband, and checked the conventional weapons of the ice demon by the way before sitting still and waiting again.

Landing seems normal. The warship soldiers came over to inform them that they had arrived at the base. When they came out of the warship, they saw a very strange base and didn’t know anyone. It seemed that the evening star had never been seen before. Obviously, it was not one of several immigrant planets. The environment here seemed to be very suitable for human life. It looked like another hidden planet.
A lieutenant colonel came and led two people into the base. The ground part of the main building of the base was defensive fire and warship berth. The lieutenant colonel didn’t say much about what it was to lead two people into the ladder and then pressed a floor without going in himself.
Holding the idea of not venturing into the tiger’s den is also a tacit understanding between the two people. Nothing is afraid of looking relaxed. Watching the indicator light slowly arrive in the ladder.
The ladder door is a big corridor. There is a door at the end of the corridor that is not long. I can’t see clearly what is going on inside. Some lights are leaking out. Both of them smiled at each other and strode into the door.
The back door has been raised. It is a big room. There are several chairs, conference tables and a big screen in the room. It looks like a conference room, but it seems that his equipment does not have these.
"Please sit down!" A strange sound came from the loudspeaker in the corner of the room. The two men smiled at each other and said nothing. They sat down and the big screen lit up at the same time, showing a huge image of a person.
"I take the liberty to invite you here like this." The person opposite the screen is very elegant. It is very comfortable to sit on a retro sofa. The military uniform fits well. His rank is actually a major general
No matter what his purpose is, it is now that the rank is higher than his own, sir, and the good quality of military training makes Gao He and the general opposite immediately get up and salute.
"I appreciate your excellent military accomplishment very much," motioned for the two of them to sit opposite the Major General and said this sentence without head or tail.
"Is this the way to invite us?" High crane tit-for-tat replied.
"When did you find out?" He already knew that this situation would happen. When Gao He came in, the first sentence was not to ask him his identity, nor to ask General Zhao Qi when he fell. Major General knew that they already knew everything.
"Boarding the warship for half an hour!" At this time, Gao He told him the result directly without saying anything kind.
The opposite major general’s face changed slightly, and then the horse stopped. The voice seemed to see that he had a conversation with someone before his face showed a relaxed expression
"Your warship tried to contact General Zhao Qi. It seems that you are right!" Major General seems to have suddenly increased his interest in Gaohe and others. "It seems that I underestimated that you two can find clues in just a few months. It is really a pity that it is a pity!"
Both of them didn’t talk to the theater. They generally looked at the opposite major general and lamented his expression of regret. It took almost ten minutes for the major general to turn his attention to Gao He again. "Aren’t you afraid?" Immediately after watching them sit on the Diaoyutai, they laughed. "When do you want to delay?"
"No wishful thinking!" Realizing that Gao He intends to major general gently shook his head, "It’s impossible for your warship communication to be cut off. It’s even more impossible to get the information out." Blinked, "And the positioning system in your equipment doesn’t count on it. Let alone that we have blocked the information sheet so far away, there is no way for that poor little instrument to send the position information back here, and there is no military scanning system. Besides, it’s impossible to find your position at a depth of 300 meters."
"Now you can show your identity? General! " Anyway, now two people in each other’s eyes are already turtles in a jar, and now they put on a gesture of cooperating with each other’s proud application and take information bit by bit.
"Didn’t you guess?" Major-General is very one leng. Is he too oversensitive? However, there is no turning back, so I’ll just quit. "I’m Major General Jones of the War Department, and I believe you should have heard my name."
Major General Jones looked at each other with Gao He and Bing Sha. The vampire old man finally revealed that the military contact turned out to be this guy, but this guy also belongs to a well-informed person. As soon as the general’s order to deploy warships arrived, he knew the specific target address and the horse deployed other warships. It is obviously clear that even if some false orders are added to the battle order, it is very easy to fight. The general staff seems to do this.
This discovery shocked Gao He. I just suspected that some heavy people tried to look for evidence everywhere, but now Major General Jones’ action has given Gao He another choice. Is there something wrong with the whole war staff or several key figures? After careful consideration, it is more possible to learn the responsibilities of these departments in military training.
A little lost in thought, Major General Jones, Gao He was seen through, and his heart was going to be a little proud. However, Gao He’s words made him feel that he was just worried that something would happen if he didn’t bring Gao He and them here.
"You’re the one who leaked military secrets to that vampire family!" Things have come to this point. Does Gao He know General Jones that things are not so important? Anyway, the result is the same.
"I said that your investigation was fruitful, and I personally admire it very much. It is very difficult for you two to find clues almost by your own strength. You are the best soldiers." Jones Bai himself did not make a wrong judgment this time, and his face seemed more and more serious. "What a pity!"
I turned my head and listened to someone who reported to me. General Jones also turned his head, and Gao He and Bing Sha also heard some abnormal sounds in that corridor, but no one paid any attention.
"You can’t go out anyway. Ask if you have any questions!" General Jones seems to be suddenly generous, which should be related to those sounds outside.
"What?" Simple three words is the problem of high crane.
"It’s nothing that the current social system is unreasonable …" Gao He interrupted Jones before he could continue his long speech on the rationality of the social system. "It’s not necessary to cover up such poor excuses and seemingly aboveboard revolutionary reasons, which can’t be your reason to reveal military secrets!"
"What do you know as a kid?" Jones seems to be angry from embarrassment, and his eyes are red. He wants to refute Gao He, but there seems to be no more reasonable reason. After yelling, he sits there panting and doesn’t know what to think. But even in the middle of the screen, he seems to have been avoiding Gao He’s eyes. From his face, there seems to be some shame red.
"then can you give me a reason for your betrayal?" Gao He and Bing Sha have been sitting in two side-by-side chairs in a standard military posture since the conversation. At the moment, the light words seem to have a great majesty to Jones, and Jones is actually a little restless at the moment.
Suddenly, it seems that Jones has just been ashamed and suddenly lost his dignity. "No matter what I do, you must know that you are dead this time!" "
"Not necessarily!" Gao He smiled gently as if he had never cared about his own life and death.
"Not necessarily?" Jones sneered, "Especially the two of you are preparing the room for the whole 300 meters. You have such a room ladder that has been quickly dried and filled with cement. There is something special outside that you say is called the law. Even if you are not ordinary people, even if you have something to do, you can’t get out of it."
"In that case!" Gao He still didn’t get up, so did Bing Sha. He sat in the same place and asked calmly again, "So I won’t ask you why you leaked military secrets. I want to know how important the three million soldiers are in your mind?"
"What did you say?" Jones was so frightened that his body was shaking and he was ejected from the old sofa. The soldiers in the first-line army like Gao He definitely had a fight and pointed at Gao He. His fingers trembled. "What are you talking about?"
"I said that there are 3 million people in the energy war. What conflicts do they have with you or your comrades in the so-called revolutionary cause? What should they sacrifice?" This time, Gaohe is no longer a calm word, but directly shouts and sees Jones’ body shaking across the street.
"I’m not white about what you say!" Jones stammered but showed guilty tone. What can the eye know at a glance?
"You’d better wait until you have a chance to go to a military court!" The crane heaved a sigh, lifted the arm sleeve, pulled the trigger, occupied the whole wall screen and distributed several cameras around it, all of which instantly turned into pieces.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Violent arrest
Suddenly, the screen was dark. Jongsma realized that something would definitely happen. He decisively pressed a button next to it. "Boom!" Even the dull noise came faintly from the ground, almost at the same time, and the violent shock waves came from the ground to shake the ground buildings.
I was prepared. Major General Jones grabbed the sofa armrest and survived this shock. Looking at the dark screen, he laughed coldly. "I don’t believe that even if you are a master of yogi, you can live with this high-explosive bomb mixed with several super-strong poisonous gas beams unless it is a miracle!" Picked up a cup of coffee from the table, took a sip and pressed the communication key to order the guards outside to "leave two teams to carefully observe any abnormality in Area 3, report it immediately for 24 hours, and allow evacuation if there is no abnormality!"
After commanding these Jones, he doesn’t know what his heart is pounding, but he always calms down. "It’s okay, it’s just two people. It’s definitely not alive. It’s definitely not! No matter how powerful they are, it is impossible for bombs and master arrays to escape. Nothing is nothing! " I comforted myself so much in my mouth, but my head was still cold and sweaty.
"Master, are you sure you have decorated the law? Third floor? Ok, make sure it’s wrong. Thank you! " Put through a communication. Jones confirmed it with an unknown master before he was relieved.
"I wonder why I am so afraid of these two people? So many arrangements were made to kill two people? Strange! " Up to now, he didn’t want to know why he would treat two special soldiers with such fanfare. Is it because Gao He and Bing Sha are so calm that he feels guilty?
"The battleship horse took off and the temporary construction department blew up and monitored the squad in Area 3, except for others who ended the exercise and returned to the base!" Look at nothing unusual. Major General Jones has issued a new order. This time, no one knows what the foreign name of this exercise is except his two confidants. However, the projects in the rapid response exercise include completing the defense in 24 hours and building a 300-meter bunker.
When Di Gaohe decided to take action, the ice evil spirit cooperated with the Xuan Bing cover. This ice evil spirit was taken from the root of the twin planet ice orchid in ten thousand years. Xuan Bing refined the magic weapon and started Dalian’s ultra-large-scale explosion for less than five times. All the toxic gases wrapped in it were stopped outside the Xuan Bing cover.
Because of the ice, Xuan Bing was covered with a large cover, which almost covered the whole house. The high-explosive bombs had no place to release energy, but they collapsed a lot of cement layers around them. Fortunately, the Xuan Bing cover was strong enough, otherwise the two of them would definitely be buried.
"It’s buried deep here. Will you hide from the earth and go out as soon as you flicker?" Look around next to Gao He to determine the direction of breakthrough, and he is joking with the ice evil spirit.
"It’s a pity that the soil can go out, but it has been suppressed by the law. The disposal people are very tall. I don’t specialize in soil properties. I want to break the array violently, but you can easily go out if you practice the appropriate techniques." While supporting the Xuan Bing cover easily, I looked around at Gao He. "It’s a pity that you won’t."
Looking at the ice evil spirit posture, you will definitely not help the crane. The crane not only has an armband but also a reincarnation hand, so you don’t need to consume your own real good things.
With superman’s perception, Gaohe has determined a direction, which should be the easiest to break through. "Are you coming or should I?" Gao He turned to ask a sentence of ice evil spirit.
"I don’t mind if you can keep the Xuan Bing hood from being attacked by these poisonous gases!" The ice is full of words, which seems to be determined to ask Gao He to do it.
If you want to penetrate such a thick concrete layer, you can’t do it without reincarnation. The ice evil spirit carefully controls the reincarnation. The muzzle sticks out of the Xuan Bing cover and leans in that direction. The crane pulls the trigger.
Gao He doesn’t know how much the reincarnation bullet can penetrate into such a thick concrete layer, but obviously the reincarnation muzzle is so big that it is the way to let two people in and out. Gao He waved reincarnation and made a big circle in front of himself. A circle that didn’t look very standardized immediately appeared in front of him.
Then the round crane shot wildly, and the huge wind force and the closed attack of Xuan Bing hood produced debris and stones, which affected the two people.
Say you don’t start work, but the ice demon still carefully cleans up the stones piled up in front of you and transports the magic to move those things behind them bit by bit, so the two people March forward proudly.
Almost more than 200 meters of samples have encountered the first layer of obstacles and bounced here, just like hitting a through-the-hood root method. Although you can’t see the impact effect, both Gao He and Bing Sha can feel the energy shock generated in the process.
Bing Sha looked at it carefully. "This is a law. It is mainly to close the five elements here and trap the practitioners of the law."
"Is there any way to crack it?" Gao He stretched out his hand and pushed the reincarnation forward. It seems that there is really an invisible wall in front of him. The reincarnation is actually blocked. Through the ice, I don’t know how to get out the light. You can see that behind the barrier is a neat rock layer, which is no longer concrete.
"Finding the array eye and then breaking it is the easiest way", but this is obviously impossible. The two of them are only a few hundred cubic meters in size, and it is no less than an idiotic dream to find this array eye with a depth of more than 100 meters.
"What about more complicated methods?" Gao He looked around and there was no way out without breaking through this.
"Do you often ask me about complicated methods?" Ice evil spirit teased him, and she said yes. Gao He has done this kind of thing more than once. At this time, it is a bit redundant to ask the truth.