The brothers with evil eyes and the brothers with scales floating on the sea suddenly fell into a whine.

Evil eye leader heart frightened mouth folded shouted, "dive quickly into the sea thunder fierce don’t fight hard …"
Sun Hao sneered at his mouth and said coldly, "Hum! Can you be safe by diving into the sea? "
When Sun Hao spoke, a white ice flower appeared at the tip of his finger. With a flick of his finger, the ice flower flew forward and landed lightly in the sea.
The flaming thunder suddenly hit the sea and instantly frozen the sea. Those monks, the sea animals that couldn’t escape, together with those battleships, were instantly covered with thick layers of ice, and the sea surface instantly became a scene of ice and fire.
In less than a wick of incense, the outer sea surface of Foer was completely frozen for more than 500 nautical miles.
Not only the sea surface is frozen, but the whole sea water is frozen. If the sea water department is frozen, this area is fully frozen into the sea knight and the evil eye demon army.
That is to say, almost instantly, the two major races brought the peak military power and were settled on the spot.
Of course, compared with the monks of the two ethnic groups who turned to ashes in the thunder and fire, these frozen monks did not lose their horses, but they might recover when they needed rescue.
If you don’t do it, you’ll have it
The shot is a thunderbolt.
The fighting changes quickly, and the exaggeration of the fighting process makes all the monks feel uneasy and don’t know what to say!
At this moment, you can be domineering in two glyphs!
Too fierce, the opponent is so powerful, the opponent is so powerful, and the good guy can’t stop it.
Killing forgiveness really kills forgiveness!
The leaders of the scaly clan and the evil-eyed clan are flying high without fighting waves, but they already have a strong feeling of being invincible in their hearts.
Who is this blue boy in front of me?
Tough means is better than reckless and overbearing. It’s better than killing yourself with two strokes. Did you leave yourself with no face?
Did you leave your hand!
The two mighty men shed blood in their hearts, which is the elite of the two ethnic groups and also their important information. At one time, they seemed to have their own strong legion to help them, even if they met the powerful monks of the township level, they could compete with one or two.
But the reality is so cruel.
Before the real power, your proud team was so vulnerable.
What kind of spell can freeze thousands of miles!
What kind of spell can conan the destroyer!
Today, they saw it with their own eyes. Unfortunately, this powerful spell fell into their own troops.
Now, although my heart is full of regrets, it’s time for me not to defeat the blue teenagers in front of me, and none of those troops who are frozen in the sea will live.
In this case, it can start a real fit war.
The two fit men looked at each other and understood each other’s eyes. They had already sent a rescue signal to their respective towns. So what they have to do now is to entangle the blue boy before the clan can get there so that he can’t continue to kill.
If you want the clan, the town and clan to come here, then we will all besiege together and be afraid that we will not be able to handle this unknown monk of the medicine clan.
Almost at the same time, the two fit great powers started to attack Sun Hao in different ways from two directions.
At this time, on the other side of the town of Forna, the former Lord The Hague floated in the middle, and his eyes sparkled with strange light.
Slightly different from the two companions, The Hague knows some information about the medicine clan, and the most important thing in some important events of the medicine clan is that it seems that the medicine clan has advanced the Mahayana a few years ago.
But don’t Mahayana monks have to fix it firmly and won’t stir up so easily? Will the Mahayana Medicine God kill himself the first time he comes out of the mountain?
If I had known this, I should have avoided it early. If this is really a drug god, then the incident would be really big. Even the evil-eyed clan and the scaly clan might not be able to resist it.
If it’s really him, if he wants to get out safely, he must move all his resources and find enough checks and balances to keep him alive.
Over the years, I have given a lot of gifts to others. Now it depends on the effect of these gifts. Unconsciously, The Hague stepped back a little and released special notes to ask for help.
The biggest advantage of taking root in the medicine family is that it has huge elixir resources, with which you can naturally make friends, which is also the reason why The Hague can’t stay.
Nowadays, when you encounter a real crisis, it depends on whether your usual investment has some effect.
Gao Sunhao sensed that some small faces in The Hague showed disdain and faint smiles. Sun Hao did not stop the signal from being released by The Hague.
Now that Sun Hao has appeared today, he will truly show his overbearing and earth side to the fullest, and he will really uproot The Hague and some hidden forces behind him.
The more help Sun Hao gets in The Hague, the happier Sun Hao is. Sun Hao is afraid that he will get less help, and he will practice bullying and lose some opponents.
The Hague secretly sent out a distress signal, at the same time, Friar Scaly strode wildly, and the trident in his hand became more and more powerful with the rush. The trident was huge and forked like a hill.
The fork didn’t realize that the huge wind and thunder had rolled in.
The evil eye attacks in a very strange way. His head swells like a balloon in his body, and his body becomes very slender and weak compared with it.
The eye in the middle of the huge head has also become huge and scaly. When the monks killed it, the big eye in the middle of the evil eye suddenly opened and sent out a light with extremely fast speed and great intensity to Sun Haozhao.
The speed of this beam is much higher than that of the trident with scales.
Almost is the beam appeared at the same time has poof a hit Sun Hao.
Sun Hao was burned a big hole in the cassock instantly, and his flesh was hurt, and a burst of smoke rose from his body.