Xiao Yu saw that this was a young man in his twenties, wearing a white face and Tsing Yi. He looked like a reader, his eyes were evasive and greedy, and he continued to read aloud to confuse everyone.

"Great charm!"
Xiao Yu fundus a cold rises a terrible murder.
This is a terrible occult art that affects others’ minds through Taoist sounds. People with weak minds can’t bear it and will be directly transferred out of their hearts. The most primitive greed and evil.
"Don’t be afraid to continue to attack and kill him. You want us to shoot together. This red-haired demon king root can’t bear him. The purple mansion has been broken and the Yuan God has been damaged. This is a great opportunity to miss it. We will regret it for a generation." The man secretly continued to export.
At this moment Xiao Yu suddenly moved his eyes, which was colder than the riots in his mind during the suppression, and he took a step to disappear instantly.
Moment virtual burst he directly appeared in front of the young man in Tsing Yi, the other side was dumbfounded and horrified. In the unbelievable eyes, the big hand leaned out and grabbed his neck directly.
Like a goshawk fighting a rabbit!
Hold on, hold on, the sky will fall, chaos will erupt, and everything will be blocked directly, and it will stand still.
The eyes of the young man in Tsing Yi were round and full of horror. At this moment, the whole body could not move, and everything around him was still. With that terrible golden hand, he quickly caught it.
The big hand pinched the young man’s neck and fingers on the spot, pinched each other’s face, flushed, bleeding, and the whole brain was suddenly deprived of oxygen, and the dark eyes turned straight and there was a feeling of being crushed to death.
He struggled violently at the bottom of Xiao Yu’s hand, kicked his legs and waved his hands like a drowning baby, full of help and shrouded in the smell of death, but he was strangled and could not make a sound.
At this time, everyone gasped at the air conditioning and retreated back, full of fear and horror.
"It’s Tsing Yi Jun!"
"He actually mixed up with our central Qingyi Jun, and once told a half-step god king to death!"
"Damn it, Tsing Yi Jun bewitched us. We didn’t mean to!"
They are horrified to mouth
"I don’t know how to learn a few tricks to parrot and dare to calculate me. You want to die and I will become you!"
Xiao Yu’s face was cold, and he grabbed the palm of Tsing Yi Jun’s hand and smashed the whole neck with a bang. He rushed into the Yuan God and let his head explode on the spot.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-nine Xiao Yu out
A corpse was caught by Xiao Yu, and his neck was dripping with blood, and his body twitched slightly. Even though Yuan Shen was dead, his body still had a vitality and kept shaking.
Xiao Yu like throwing garbage will this body lose face cold glance at all.
All of a sudden, they were horrified and prostrated themselves in succession, begging for mercy in their mouths.
"We didn’t mean for the demon king to spare his life!"
"We are all bewitched, please forgive me!"
"Please spare our lives!"
All the people are not only mourning.
Xiao Yu coldly scanned the crowd and said, "Hand over the soul-eating iron!"
They are more frightened than ever to pay out all the soul-eating iron, and their bodies are shaking in their hands honestly.
Xiao Yu palm a grasp a suction immediately all soul-eating iron all flew up by him.
He turned around and couldn’t stop a wisp of blood at the corner of his mouth. He swallowed it again and went back to his original place. He continued to cross his legs and sat in a golden light refining the violent energy in his mind.
Xiao Yu doesn’t talk, and none of these people dare to get up and sweat so much that they continue to kneel and listen to Xiao Yu.
In this way, a little bit passed away, and Xiao Yu refined a lot of soul-eating iron, which was directly absorbed in front of everyone.
All the people see the scalp pins and needles, but no one dares to be unfaithful. In their hearts, Xiao Yu has already stopped the monster and the fiend dare to stroke of bad luck.
Xiao Yu was glowing and absorbed by pieces of soul-eating iron.
Seven days later, all the soul-eating iron in Xiao Yu’s hand was finally absorbed by him. Later, he absorbed soul-eating iron faster and faster, and consumed nearly 100 yuan almost every day.
And after these soul-eating irons are consumed, his purple mansion has been blessed, which is stronger than the solid purple light, and the purple gas is mighty everywhere, and the heaven stands tall and lofty.
His Yuan God has also received great nourishment from it, becoming higher and stronger, and the spread of his mind has nearly doubled than before.
Xiao Yu’s mind swept away gently and all the movements of hundreds of thousands of miles were gathered into his mind, and everything was clearly presented vividly.
Everything in the desert seems to be under his control!
His mind swept towards high school and then extended all the way along the high school. In an instant, it seemed that he came to a vast world!
At this moment, he has a feeling that heaven and earth are in control!
Stronger than!