The collision between the two great then visions is more intense!

The stone platform built by bluestone gave a creaking, shaking and shaking, and then the eyes of the public collapsed!
The collision of two great visions smashed this stone platform!
Sand and dust are flying everywhere.
The crowd was in chaos and the monks retreated.
Being involved in these two visions, even people like Tu and Xu Cheng are so arrogant that they will be instantly squeezed into blood fog!
place high in the sky
Yu Junzhen stood up and said, "You two are my terran. It is a great loss for the Terran to see the fall of Tianjiao and Uber for thousands of years!"
"Two people fighting to this point, the stone stage has been broken. I think it’s even."
The guide monk folded his hands and nodded, "Good is good."
Falling snow really gentleman also nodded "I agree"
Mix a true gentleman sneer at a "jade jun you mystery palace monk when impartial fair and just! This war is not over yet. It’s ridiculous to say that it’s a draw! "
"You should be clear about my proposal and be partial."
Yu Junzhen said, "At this point in the war, it is unknown who wins or loses. It depends on who has stronger physical strength and stronger spiritual strength, and it may not be sure to win!"
"Good lose-lose situation, I’m afraid, is not what you want in Yuan Zong." Falling snow really gentleman said coldly.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Mix a true gentleman like heard what a big joke avenue "lose-lose? What a slippery day! I don’t know where this youngster comes from, but I can’t be compared with my true brother! "
"This stone platform is just broken!"
Mix a true gentleman also got up, and the whole person looked murderous and cold. "So there is no scope limit, even if you want to escape, you can’t do it!"
YuJunZhen gentleman heard canthus jump.
Mixing a true gentleman’s words is very confident and very sure of Emperor Yin. It doesn’t look like blind self-confidence. It seems that there is another reliance!
Does Emperor Yin still have cards?
Think of this may be YuJunZhenJun himself got a fright.
He’s more than a dozen Yuan Ying Zhen Jun’s eyes are flashing, and naturally he hears the implication of mixing a Zhen Jun.
The monk asked Gherardini, "What other means have you not used to mix friends?"
"Ha ha!"
Hunyi Zhenjun smiled. Instead of answering directly, he said simply, "Today, monks in the field are very lucky to witness with their own eyes the birth of a Uber who is comparable to Ren Huang and may surpass Ren Huang!"
The language is not amazing!
This evaluation is too high!
Ren Huang surpasses Ren Huang?