The jade ruler hit head-on like a long knife breaking the wind and roaring with amazing momentum.
Su Mo’s eyes narrowed slightly.
This jade ruler is not simple!
Spiritual warning!
Do you want to think about Su Mo’s withdrawal and retreat?
The jade ruler clung to his other face, and it was burning!
The jade ruler quivers, and its body lights up with dazzling light.
Six spiritual tattoos, innate spirit!
There was an exclamation in the crowd.
Congenital spirit is too rare.
Even the Ten Gates, the Four Gate Valves and the Tianjiao people of the two ancient families have never been sacrificed.
This jade ruler looks fragile, but it is an indestructible innate spirit!
Fortunately, when Su Mo dodges, if he shakes his arm with his bare hands as before, he will be smashed by this jade ruler!
Xiya sacrifices the innate spirit, instantly occupies the wind, takes a big step and deceives the body, and waves the jade ruler to cut forward.
The jade ruler spread out a colorful glow as if it could penetrate everything in the world and instantly come to Su Mo’s head.
The innate spirit is powerful. Su Mo knew it early and dared not pick it up.
Sumo drew a long knife from the bag.
The blade quivers gently, and the four spiritual lines flicker extremely!
Sue ink backhand a knife against the jade ruler generate Xiaguang beheaded in the past.
Tidal surge
Jade ruler and long knife collide with each other, and the sky is filled with mist.
"Break it for me!"
Xiya cold hum a qi and blood generate jade ruler Xiaguang Sheng.
A crunchy sound
In an instant, a dense crack appeared on the blade.
It’s ruined
A very clever handle was directly shattered by the jade ruler in Xi Ya’s hand!