How many people did he kill?

Who did you kill?
If he moves the flank, don’t say it’s Yuan Ying Zhenjun, which is unbearable for ordinary people who return to emptiness!
It is possible for a timid person to be scared to death on the spot!
"bet take your paws back."
Su Mo’s eyes turned and the emperor’s face fell lightly and said, "Unless you don’t want it."
Sue ink tone calm to the extreme.
But let a person feel a chill from the bottom of my heart!
Almost no hesitation, like a kind of avoiding danger, can respond whoosh. In the summer, the Emperor withdrew his arm and stepped back to hide behind a Fa Daojun.
Bang, bang, bang!
Big business emperor hurriedly got up and ran into the seat in a panic and made a noise.
His face went white and his legs went limp, and he almost sat down, even rolling and crawling, hiding behind another Fa Daojun.
"Guo Guo Guo Shi he tried to kill me!"
Dashang Huangyin trembled slightly and looked horrified.
Seeing your own emperor is so bad, the two Taoist priests have failed to lose face.
Two people look dignified staring at Sue ink.
"Daoyou, what does this mean?"
One of them, Fa Daojun, took a deep breath to regain his composure and his eyes gradually became sharp 2.
After all, he is in the realm of law.
This blue monk is just returning to the virtual realm.
Just palpitation may be their illusion.
"What’s the matter?"
Just then, not far from the cabin door, you Lan and the old man at the helm came out and asked Yang.
You Lan was talking with Zheng Bo only to find that some changes had taken place on this side of the bow and hurriedly caught up.
"Youlan, you’re just right."
The Emperor of the Great Summer is strong in his biliary tract. "This rebellious criminal named Su tried to kill us!"
You Lan looked the same and asked, "Is he going to kill you?"
"Cause by cause …"
The Great Summer Emperor was speechless for a moment.
It’s a shame to say such a thing as malicious to someone else’s maid
The big business emperor crustily skin of head and said, "No matter what, he dares to kill us. That’s a big crime!"
"Go back!"
You Lan suddenly reprimanded and said coldly with a slightly heavy face, "Go back to the cabin and stay honestly and don’t come out and make a fool of yourself!"
Big Shang Huang was scolded and shrank his neck and dared not say anything.
"You …"
The summer emperor looked defiantly and turned to say, "Buddhist, she …"
The Fa Daojun sighed, "You should reflect on yourself when you go home."
Hearing this, the two emperors were completely chilled.
I can bite my teeth and secretly swallow this evil spirit and turn away.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-one Strong sixth sense
The two emperors are resentful.
But they don’t know that if you don’t let them leave, I’m afraid they are already two bodies at this time!