The misty monster is an ancient crocodile, and the water has little influence.

Seeing Su Mo rushing to the crowd, he suddenly turned into a body.
A huge crocodile emerges from the sea of blood and is covered with a thick and hard stratum corneum, which is no less than a defense device!
The ancient crocodiles spit out a simple long knife with a big mouth. The back of the knife is very thick. Seeing castration, the blade is heavily sunk, depicting five patterns!
Perfect Taoist instrument!
At first glance, this long Dao is from the hand of the Terran Refiner Master, including the lines of the blade beating the blade.
Long Dao shines on Su Mo alongside of.seem to cut head on!
The sharp blade directly cuts the sea of blood in half!
At the same time, the water behind Su Mo fluctuated abnormally.
A hanging sheep peak demon, a thousand snake island makeup girl and two silvermoon valley demon implements have also been killed!
Su Mo’s look remains the same. Palm slaps the bag and backhand throws it out to a gray-black mountain peak to directly block behind him!
Ancient treasures, Xuanci Mountain!
On the other side, his eyebrows flashed, and a statue of blue lotus rose flew out and hit the oncoming long knife.
Nature violet!
This is the first time that Sumo has been sacrificed to the enemy since he was blessed with violet.
Nature’s violet rotates slowly, glittering and translucent as jade, flashing blue glow, and the whole body is filled with chaotic gas, which seems to float lightly and hit the long knife.
Qiang Qiang!
A crunchy!
Then the whole sea of blood seemed to fall into silence instantly!
Su Mo’s pupil contracted slightly.
The ancient crocodile looked frozen and his eyes showed horror!
The long Dao in the sea of blood is a perfect instrument for Taoist priests. This seemingly fragile violet blade has emerged numerous cracks after collision!
The blade burst into a pile of fragments scattered in the sea of blood and sank to the bottom of the sea!
The five-grain perfect-order Taoist instrument was smashed like this!
Hiding from the edge of the sea of blood, watching the Jinyan Mountain demon, two monsters in Qixia Valley were shocked and choked a few mouthfuls of seawater.
"You …"
The ancient crocodile stared at the violet floating in the sea of blood and was too scared to speak.
You know, even congenital instruments can break the perfect order instruments.
This statue of blue lotus actually shattered his life instrument!
What is this blue lotus?
Just then he had a sharp pain from Yuan Shen.
The life instrument was shattered, and his Yuan God was also shocked, as if he were torn apart by life!
For a moment, the green light flashed before his eyes.
The blue lotus has fallen on his head!
Chapter one hundred and sixty Lotus over God
Even the perfect Taoist instrument has been smashed by nature. How hard can the head of the demon be?
Fog Ze Demon’s head explodes instantly, and blood fog gushes around, and the blood is integrated.
Nature’s violet is still green in the fog of blood, but it is not stained with any blood, and it exudes glittering brilliance and chaos.
The Yuan God dies, the fog and the demon fall!
Boss, the body slowly sank into the depths of the blood and disappeared.