Let yourself always be clear and not confused.

Chen Yan took it and lived a quiet day. He put all his energy into practice.
There is enough aura to absorb Chen Yan’s strength and grow steadily. It won’t be long before Chen Yan can achieve great success.
This day is early.
Chen Yan went out of the yard and went to a hill to practice health promotion. He stretched generously and slowly, and it was pleasing to the eye with a strange charm.
Although Chen Yan moves very, very slowly, he can leave a trail of ghosting, which makes people feel contradictory. I wonder if he moves fast or slow. It is impossible to leave a residual image because of slow movement.
But Chen Yanshen seems to have violated this law.
Yan Ying’s heart is very dull. She just walked here and saw Yan Yan practicing boxing.
May be infected by Chen Yanshen temperament Yan Ying looked at Chen Yanshen fidgety heart gradually calmed down.
Adults with weak hearts tend to be mentally weak, and they will feel bored if they live too long.
Yan Ying heart is very empty at the moment.
What she pursues is profit and wealth, abandoning her husband and son and throwing them into the arms of hegemony, but it’s a pity that it backfires.
Prosperity and wealth have been obtained, but there is no point in her life. In the eyes of all the masters, she is a beautiful vase, not Mrs. Wang.
No one respects her
Even those men want to sleep with her when they see her stunning face.
If you can always get the favor of Xiong, Yan Ying can still keep the splendor, but Yan Ying finds that Xiong seems to be tired of playing and gradually loses interest in her.
Yan Ying is vain, but she is not stupid. She knows that her wealth comes from the hegemony. Without the protection of the hegemony, she will be very miserable and will definitely be eaten by those men.
It’s not that Yan Ying didn’t think about his beauty to confuse the overlord and let him give himself some strength. The overlord is a lean giant with a firm and powerful heart. The only thing that can make him persistent is to dominate the rivers and lakes and defeat the twin cities.
How could he be confuse by Yan Ying’s beauty?
Women are emotional after all.
Yan Ying is no exception.
When she is alone, she will think that Nie Feng doesn’t know how she is doing without Nie’s family.
Nie Renwang’s knife method is sharp, but he is determined not to teach Nie Feng martial arts knife method, but to teach Nie Feng Bing Xin tactic method.
Nie Renwang, a man is so sloppy that he can’t even take care of himself, let alone take care of his son.
Sometimes Yan Ying also regrets not knowing whether he chose the right path. Which is more important, wealth and wealth?
Being swayed by considerations of gain and loss is very exhausting.
Chen Yan stopped practicing.
As soon as Yan Ying arrived, he felt it, but Chen Yan just finished practicing health promotion.
"Manager Chen"
Yan Ying greeted Ulrich with a smile.
Ulrich trembles and nods "Hello"
Yan Yingtian will play a role. It’s a bit disgraceful to call her Mrs. Wang. It’s not appropriate to call her miss Yan? Her son Nie Feng is six or seven years old, which is even more inappropriate for Mrs Nie? She has abandoned Nie Renwang, and it is not appropriate.
Chen Yan doesn’t know what to call her. Finally, I can simply say hello with the word "hello"
Sun Yan intends to leave when he walks past Yan Ying, Yan Ying suddenly said, "Manager Chen …"
Ulrich looked at Yan Ying doubtfully and asked with a smile, "What’s up?"
Yan Ying took a deep breath and said, "I miss Manager Chen and want to go back to Niejia Village to see my son Nie Feng. I wonder if Manager Chen can come with me?"
Chen Yan shook his head and said, "Nine times out of ten, people are unhappy in life. Since you choose to follow the overlord and enjoy wealth, you have to give up some precious things, such as the truth that you can’t have your cake and eat it. I think you should understand."
"What’s more, you are a dominant woman now. Even if you want to go somewhere, you should go to Xiongxiong to discuss it. You come to me and let me accompany you back to Niejia Village. What is this?"
Chen Yan likes a quiet life.
In the coming days, I have reached more than half of the armory, and Chen Yan, a member of the armory, has browsed 60%. I have to go in again to finish reading the classics in the armory.
If you have to, Alex Chen doesn’t want to fight and fight with our hero, so it’s even more wrong for Yan Ying and our hero to tear their faces.
For a woman like Yan Ying, Chen Yan has always been at a respectful distance from others. Yan Ying made such a gift and asked Chen Yan to refuse without even thinking directly.
Yan Ying simply refused to face a slight change when he saw Yan Yan. She was praised as the "first beauty" by the Wulin middleman. When a man saw himself, he would dump his pomegranate skirt, but Yan Yan actually seemed to have no interest in himself.
Yan Ying wondered whether his charm and beauty had diminished.
Day will all men see Yan Ying is lewd eyes staring at her, trying to swallow her.
Chen Yan is an exception.
Yan Yan saw Yan Ying with clear eyes and calm expression without any evil thoughts. Yan Yan’s life will be famous. Yan Yan is respectful and amiable to everyone. He is like a worldly struggle.
Yan Ying wants to say who can help him all day, so it must be Chen Yan.
Chen Yan is a trustworthy person.
Yan Ying looked at Chen Yan and asked, "Manager Chen, did you reject me because you were a bully?"
I have to say that Yan Ying, a woman, is a little scheming. Her words seem ordinary, but they can arouse men’s competitiveness. If the average man will definitely deny himself, how can he admit that he is afraid of hegemony? Even if he is really afraid, he must deny it.
This is about men’s dignity.
Even worse, in front of a beautiful woman like Yan Ying.