"But I like it!"

The crane jumped up with excitement and looked up at Linghu with a wink.
There are a lot of spiritual monks in the fix true realm, but they are willing to take Dan medicine out to feed them, let alone extremely Dan medicine.
Godsworn with this kind of quality Dan medicine is reluctant to eat it himself, let alone feed it to the spirit beast.
These days, the little crane feels that Linghu gets along well, which means that Linghu can divide it up.
Linghu took a cross look at Xiaohe and hesitated for a long time before taking a pill with the worst color from the ground and throwing it into the smoke.
The little crane was so angry that it could not resist.
Linghu ran back to the ground and pulled a few pills to protect himself.
Look at that posture. Anyone who wants to touch these Dan medicines and Linghu can fight him hard!
Su Mo shook his head and smiled, and pulled out a few jade bottles from the bag to pour out many Dan medicines inside and put them in front of Linghu.
Most of them are three lines, a small amount of four lines, and the worst color is also Chinese medicine!
Su Mo said, "All these will give you a quick promotion."
Linghu was blinded by it.
"Happiness came too suddenly, and Tiger finally got to spring!" Linghu plunged into the Dan medicine pile and was almost fainted on the spot by this medicine.
The crane became more and more anxious, chirping and chirping, but the sound didn’t come in
"How can you eat so many pills? Give me some!"
After a long time, Linghu just recovered and swallowed a few pills. He lay down and snored.
Every spirit beast is born to know how to practice, but some powerful spirit beasts have memory and practice skills, which are naturally more powerful.
Linghu is a very common method of blood cultivation, which is far more natural than not cutting pulp, not to mention a whole secret book of the Twelve Lich Kings in the Wild.
Su Mo also thought about giving Ling Hu a piece of pulp cutting to make him stronger.
But butterfly month warned him not to put this achievement method outside Su Mo can also give up this idea.
Xiaohe saw that no one cared about it, so he was wronged and picked up Linghu. He just handed me Dan medicine and swallowed it, and he also cultivated it.
In a few days, a tiger and a crane will divide up these Dan medicines and eat them up.
Xiaohe’s realm has risen. After all, it is not obvious that he is a demon and eats less Dan medicine.
However, the breath of Linghu has become more fierce, the eyes are new, the hair has become golden, and it stands up like a golden needle flashing cold light.
In this way, it won’t be long before Linghu can grow into a spirit demon with a foundation!
After eating the elixir, Linghu and Xiaohe are both wanting more. Every day, two spirit beasts look at Su Mo eagerly and wait for him to make an elixir.
At this time, Sumo’s exchange of herbal wood for spiritual herbs was finished.
He has no contribution. If he goes to Danfeng again to exchange herbal wood, he can exchange lingshi.
And lingshi sumo still has to be upgraded.
Looking at the two spirit beasts, Su Mo shrugged and shook his head. "No herbs, no alchemy."
It’s thunderous!
This news is a great blow to a tiger and a crane.
They’re all addicted, but they haven’t enjoyed themselves yet. They don’t make alchemy …
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Card
The more important reason why Sumo stopped alchemy was that he didn’t need it for the time being.
Just like a refiner, now that you have been able to refine the spirit Su Mo, there is no need for this wave.
There are two months left before the end of the year when Wufeng is performing arts.
At this time, Su Moxiu’s realm has reached seven layers of condensate gas.
It is not a problem to refine the perfect poly-panacea before cooperation, but it is impossible to reach the ninth floor of condensate gas at the end of the year if you want to be promoted to condensate gas dzogchen.
The amount of gas produced by a sea of gas formed in dzogchen Huidiantian is much stronger than that of nine layers of gas.
This requires sufficient elixir, lingshi and long-term cultivation, which even monks of Tianlinggen can’t avoid.
Because Xiaohe took a lot of Sumedan medicine during this period, although he was still trapped in the smoke, one crane per person improved a lot
However, Su Mo still dare not release Xiaohe.
On this day, Xiao Pang came to Sumo’s abode of fairies and immortals again.
Seeing that Su Mo Xiu’s realm has finally risen, Xiao Pang is also greatly gratified that Su Mo finally calls forth.
At this time, Xiao Pangxiu’s realm has reached the peak of condensate gas layer.
You can definitely be promoted to the ninth floor of condensate gas before the end of the year.
This speed is already very fast, but it is still slightly inferior to Feng Haoyu and Lengrou.
It stands to reason that the speed of spiritual root cultivation is not inferior to that of variation spiritual root.
Su Mo vaguely noticed that Xiao Pang’s flesh was different.
Although it can’t be compared with him, it is many times stronger than his practitioners.